Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cupcakeology: The Study of a Cupcake

My love for cooking and baking began at the gas stove of my childhood home, as I learned to cook my very first dish...pancakes. Ever since then, cooking and baking have been my escape, my therapy, my go-to, feel-good hobby. The best part was, the results were something I could share with my loved ones and could reap the smiles on their faces as a sweet reward.

Ever since my recent obsession with these delightful creations began, I've been researching....and researching, and researching some more. What makes a great cupcake? What ingredients, methods, recipes, decoration? What makes a beautiful cupcake? What makes a moist cupcake? What elements highlight the most important features of a recipe or flavor? What kind of creative things can you do with a cupcake? What creative flavor combinations could be compiled into a cupcake? I wanted to know everything there was to know. So, I read book after book,  studied websites, blogs and recipes old and new, carefully tested and reviewed. I wanted my latest foodie fantasy to become a wonderful reality. To make the most beautiful, tasty cupcakes that satisfied every element that a cupcake fan (or fanatic) would be searching for. Granted, you can't please everyone all the time, but with the growing sensation that IS these miniature delights people know a great cupcake when they see/taste one. And I wanted anyone who tried one of my baby cakes to immediately want another, and then to tell all their friends!
It turns out, that once you know the basics of Cupcakeology your only limit is your imagination!!